Makita LS1016L Review

Makita LS1016L If you are in the market for a new miter saw then do yourself a favor and read the following review. The Makita LS1016L is a saw that has the largest cutting capacity in its class. It is a compact 10 inch dual sliding compound miter saw with a 15 amp motor and an innovative four rail design system that cuts like a 12 inch saw in many situations. WOW, and how you ask?

The Makita LS1016L has a three stage reduction gear unit and movable rear blade guards that provide larger capacities for cutting crown molding and baseboards. The saw allows for cuts of crown molding heights up to 6 5/8 inches, baseboards of 4 ¾ inches, and 4 x 4 boards.
Makita is known for building saws that are durable, efficient, reliable and powerful. To help resist slipping and blogging down Makita has built this saw around a “direct-box motor”, and it requires less maintenance than belt driven saws. The “direct-box motor” and the unique guard system allows for a larger number of adjustments for a variety of cuts.

Makita has nearly ninety years of experience designing and building advanced motors for power tools. They use the highest quality of raw materials when making their motor components, and conduct the most rigorous tests. The Makita advantage uses the latest innovations to engineer and manufacture their superior power tools.
The advanced quality control of the Makita LS1016L allows for nineteen total quality checks on the motor alone. The durability of the motor is developed through heat treated shafts and gears. Their rigorous testing covers areas of electrical resistance, surge durability, and mechanical efficiency. This saw has a four pole maximum torque cordless motor. The four pole system allows for the motor to generate energy in four locations, and the dual sealed ball bearings gives the motor five times longer life.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

When purchasing a miter saw one is interested in accuracy, ease of use, portability and reliability. This saw has it all. The Makita LS1016L 10 inch compact saw can complete the larger projects where 12? inch miter saws were usually required. The saw has a retractable four rail guard system that allows for a variety of combinations of adjustments of the upper and lower levels.

The adjustments are made easily and quickly and the cutting action of the saw is consistently smooth and repeatably accurate. The saw is worth its cost. The dependability and precision cuts lets the woodworker be pleased with the quality of the cuts and the ease of completion of the project. The consistency of accuracy saves valuable time at the jobsite.Makita LS1016L Left

The Makita LS1016L built in laser helps make precision cutting easier and accurate. When you use this saw you will have a miter range from 0 – 52 degrees to the left and 0 – 60 degrees to the right. The saw weighs less and is more portable than its competitors. It dual sliding compound miter saw has a one step process for blade changing, again saving time.

The innovative four steel system requires less space than the competition’s dual sliding miter saw and enhances the stability of the saw. The increased stability allows for more control with less effort. The trigger switch also allows for quicker and easier control. The blade guard system is see-through (clear) and this makes it possible to have greater visibility of the line of cut and the blade.

The combination of the power of the 15 amp motor and the electronic speed control system the saw maintains a constant speed whether cutting through a no load or heavy load situation. When you use this saw you can depend on the saw being reliable, powerful and delivering continuous accurate cuts.The ease of making the many possible adjustments will make you glad you chose the Makita LS1016L dual sliding compound miter saw for your woodworking needs. This is the tool you can depend on to make crosscuts in exactly the angle you need. Your finished project will be something you can be proud of. This is the saw that will make your day of woodworking flow smoothly and effortlessly.


  • 15 amp direct-box motor, 3200 rpms at no load speed
  • Motor resist slipping and blogging down
  • Requires less maintenance than a belt-driven motors
  • 10” blade cuts crown molding up to 6 5/8 inch thick (vertically)
  • 10” blade cuts 4 ¾ inch baseboard
  • Delivers 12 inch cross cuts at 90 degree position
  • Soft-start system for easy start up, adds to life of saw
  • Laser promotes accuracy
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load for smoother cutting
  • Trigger switch provides ease of control
  • Retractable 4 rail guard system for versatile cutting

Customer Reviews

“So far I’m very happy with the saw. Set up is quick and simple…as are the operations. If I had it to do over again…I’d pick up this saw again.” From
“Great saw! Like the big capacity, the killer stock blade, easy operation, and the smooth sliding motion. It’s been accurate right out of the box — highly recommended. From,

The Makita LS1016L is the saw that you will want to purchase for those upcoming projects. It is the compact saw that completes the larger projects with ease and is durable, powerful, and efficient. Purchase the matika ls1016l saw and join the many satisfied and happy customers. It is the saw for woodworkers, finish carpenters, and anyone who needs those precision cuts every time. The power and ease of use with this saw will make you glad you choose the saw that is a winner every time. Order now and use it with your next project.


Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser

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  • Powerful 15.0 AMP direct drive motor requires less maintenance and delivers 3,200 RPM
  • Compact design with a patented 4-Steel Rail Sliding System further increases rigidity to produce superior cuts
  • Exclusive 6 linear ball bearings engineered to deliver ""dead-on"" accurate cuts
  • Increased capacity for up to 6-5/8"" crown molding (vertically nested), 4-3/4"" baseboard (vertical), and 12"" crosscuts at 90°
  • Largest crown molding cutting capacity in its class
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