Hitachi C10fCE2 Review

Hitachi C10fCE2 Left If you are looking for a good quality miter saw at a very affordable price, then the Hitachi C10fCE2 is a very good option to take a look at. The 10 inch blade is great for smaller jobs, and the saw itself is very easy to use. Obviously if you have a lot of heavy duty miters to cut in some thinker and larger materials then you would need a bigger model. But for smaller jobs we have found the C10fCE2 to be extremely efficient.

We found this saw to be incredibly easy to use. The handle is comfortable so you should not get any hand fatigue after using it for a while. All of the setting dials are easy to locate and adjust when required. The Hitachi is also the lightest saw in its class, weighing in at just 26.3 pounds. So if you need to take the saw from site to site, you will find the C10fCE2 to be very easy to carry from one place to another.

The C10FCE2 is a compound 10-inch miter saw that offers accuracy and durability when making crosscuts. Its horizontal handle with a rubber elastomer grip adds comfort and control during use and reduces the vibration from the saw. This excellent saw weighs in at only 26.3 pounds for easy portability and maneuverability. It is the lightest saw in its class. That makes it easy to transport from job site to job site. Its ease of use makes it the perfect saw for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer.

The miter saw is compatible with the UU610 miter saw stand from Hitachi. It is powered by a 15 AMP motor. It delivers 1950 watts of maximum power output which lets it handle your toughest jobs. The saw works with a variety of woods. It comes complete with a dust bag, vice, and carbide blade. Hitachi is known for its leading position in hand tool research and consumer needs. Again, Hitachi has provided the hand tool for both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer.

The Hitachi C10FCE2 Miter Saw is for:

  • Homeowners
  • Hobbyists
  • Anyone who needs a good quality miter saw that is portable

The saw offers precision cutting that gives your project the finishing touch you need. It has a 45 degree bevel range and a 52 degree miter range. This saw is the tool to use to cut all the angles you have been wanting and need. The miter saw that will get the job done and done well.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Hitachi C10FCE2 compound miter saw is a great addition to any woodworking shop. This saw fits in well with the professional woodworker’s tools. It also is prefect for the do-it-yourself workshop. Its lightweight allows the woodworker easy portability; take it on any job site.
A woodworker uses the miter saw to make accurate crosscuts and miters in their workplace. The improved accuracy of measurements and line up with the Hitachi C10FCE2 is remarkable and precise. This saw allows any framing operation or cutting of molding to be a breeze. The large pivoting flip fence can be extended up to 4-inches for cutting crown molding. You can add the finishing touch to any room with beautiful crown molding. A compound miter saw has a rotating vertical pivot.

This pivot allows the cutter head and blade to be tilted (beveled) sideways in addition to the saw’s horizontally rotating table. This saw allows cuts to be angled vertically and horizontally, as well as cuts angled in both planes. The Hitachi C10FCE2 allows up the 48 degrees beveled range with adjustable stops for precision cuts. It also allows for up to 52 degree miter range.

The saw has a 15 amp motor with delivery of 1950 output watts, which gives the woodworker the power for the toughest jobs. With this type of power and accuracy the hitachi miter saw cannot be beat in the workshop. Any job or project becomes a delightful task with the Hitachi C10FCE2 compound miter saw.
The elastomer grip on the handle makes for less vibration. The ease of use and control with this grip is exceptional. The dust bag attachment makes clean-up simple and quick; and the thumb actuated stops aids in quick miter adjustments. The ease of using this tool makes woodworking a pleasurable and rewarding experience.
If you are looking for the most versatile miter saw of its class, then you have to look no farther. This compound miter saw is the one you will enjoy using. It can handle your toughest jobs in a consistent and dependable fashion.


  • Compound 10-inch miter saw
  • Powered by 15 amp motor
  • Delivers 1950 watts of maximum output power for the toughest jobs
  • Horizontal handle with rubber elastomer grip
  • Grip adds comfort, control and reduced vibration
  • Large pivoting flip fence which will stand 4-inches and allows for cutting crown molding
  • Comes with dust bag, an attachment that minimizes airborne particles
  • Vice included
  • Uses a carbide blade
  • Carbon brush access allows for easy replacement to help prolong life of tool
  • Offers accuracy and durability
  • Weighs on 26.3 lbs.
  • Ease in portability to transfer to any work site or workshop
  • Compatible with the UU610 miter saw stand from Hitachi
  • Large table, provides better material support
  • Has up to 45 degrees bevel range, to the left with adjustable stops for precision cuts
  • Has up to 52 degree miter range, to the right and left for increased flexibility
  • Thumb actuated positive stops, easy to use for quick miter adjustments
  • Saw works with a variety of woods; such as plywood, decorative panels, soft fiberboard, and hard boards

Hitachi is a known leader in hand tool research design and development. Again, Hitachi has produced. It is a miter saw that allows accurate, precision cutting of a variety of wood and gives your project its finishing touch. The Hitachi C10FCE2 compound miter saw will provide you with the durability and control that makes it above its competitors. This is a saw you will be proud to take home and to show your friends. Everyone wants to have the miter saw they can use with ease and be confident it is going to give them the perfect cut every time.

A good miter saw for the price range

The Hitachi C10FCE2 is a good quality compound miter saw in its price range. If you spend around $100 more, you will only get a few more features and not a huge difference in performance.

Changing angles is simple, as it should be

The Hitachi compound miter saw C10FCE2 has precise angle stops along the bottom of the unit for common cutting angles. You don’t have to play around to get those angles you use often. For this Hitachi c10fce2 review, we found these angle stops are extremely convenient and accurate.

Dusty dust collector

Well, let’s just say this Hitachi miter saw could use a better one.

Portable and lightweight

The Hitachi C10FCE2 is the lightest in its class. You won’t have a problem taking from site to site, or from the backyard to the garage. It weighs 26.3 pounds or just under 12 kg.

Warranty has my approval

This Hitachi mitre saw has a five year warranty. You will have time to break this saw in quite well and have piece of mind the whole time.

The Good

Hitachi C10fCE2 Back

  • Highly portable
  • Well made in its price range and class
  • Accurate and convenient angle stops
  • Quieter than most saws
  • Easy initial set up
  • Cushioned wide handle grip
  • Plenty of power to cut through 4”x” post
  • Built in dust collector w/dust bag
  • Long 5 year warranty

The Bad

  • Dust bag needs to be better
  • Instruction manual a little confusing
  • Missing a laser guide
  • Unmoving fence gets in the way

The blade has tungsten carbide teeth, so makes easy work of trim and other wooden pieces that need cutting. It is ideal for cutting things like hard board, soft fiberboard, aluminum sashes, decorative panels and plywood. It is easy to make very precise cuts with the Hitachi C10fCE2 too, we found the saw to be stable and comfortable to use when cutting all of the materials mentioned above.

Range of cuts

The Hitachi C10fCE2 can cut miters up to 52 degrees, and it has a bevel range of 45 degrees left. This generous setting gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to cutting, you should be able to get the ideal angles for the pieces you need to cut. The flip fence will raise to a height of 4 inches, so you can cut wood that is up to 2-5/16” high and 5-21/32 deep. That will enable you to cut some pretty large pieces of wood at whatever angle you need it cut at.

Motor speed

The powerful 15 amp motor on the Hitachi C10fCE2 provides a no load speed of up to 5,000 RPM. This high speed coupled with the quality tungsten carbide blade makes for clean accurate cuts each time you use it. This also gives you the ability to cut through some pretty dense pieces of wood too.

Additional features

The horizontal handle on the Hitachi C10fCE2 is lined with an elastomer grip to help reduce any vibrations. This adds to the comfort of the saw, plus it helps to keep your work accurate. The large base provides a great deal of stability, and for such a light saw you would never know this when you are using it as it appears very stable, even when cutting through thick pieces of wood.

To keep the air and your work area clean, so you can see what you are doing, the C10fCE2 has a dust collector that is very effective in collecting all of the particles created from the cutting. This also helps to keep the inner workings of the saw clean and working to their optimal level.

Final thoughts

This is an entry level miter saw, but you would not know it when you start using it. Hitachi has really created a very good quality saw here, and as long as you understand the measurement limits to the sizes of wood you can cut with this, then I am sure you will be very pleased with the work it does. For the current low price you can get the Hitachi C10fCE2 for on, you really are getting an excellent miter saw for the money. Powerful and durable too, you should get a lot of very good use from this saw.

The Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw is a woodworkers dream. The lightweight design makes it easy to take it to most job sites. The 10-inch blade and 15-amp motor has plenty of power for frame carpenters as well as the precision that cabinet makers require. It has all of the necessary bevel angles and miter ranges needed for precise cuts. The cutting table is large enough to handle a variety of projects and work sites.

Hitachi has put together a great little compound miter saw that combines plenty of power with its 15-amp motor and precision settings that makes it extremely versatile. Whether you are framing a new house or doing the finishing trim work, you will find it ready to tackle the job. The large work table makes it easy to place and hold a wide range of lumber and clamp it in place. The Bevel angles and miter settings are easy to use making the most precise cuts possible every time. The built-in dust collecting system will help to keep your work area clean as you are working. The kit also includes a dust bag to collect all the saw dust.

What is inside the box?

The Hitachi miter saw C10FCE2 kit includes compound saw, tungsten carbide blade, extended fence, vise, hex bar wrench, box wrench and dust bag.


Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

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  • 0-52 degree miter angle range, to the right and left for increased flexibility
  • Large extended flip fence, raises to 4" for cutting crown molding vertically
  • 0-45 degree bevel range, to the left with adjustable bevel stops for precision cuts
  • Horizontal handle with soft, vibration reducing Elastomer grip adds comfort and control
  • Carbon brush access, allows user to replace brush as needed to greatly prolong the life of the tool
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